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Startups and Tech in Australia

Australia is one of the most technologically advanced countries in the world. A large number of startups and progressive IT companies, as well as other technology companies are located and successfully operate in Australia, as well as in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Montreal and so on.

For applicants in Australia, some disadvantages may interfere - a hot climate, remoteness from Europe or the USA. Moving so far, for the sake of working in a startup, is not a good idea, but if you received a good offer to work in a startup in Australia, you were offered a good salary - moving to such a technologically developed country should be justified. It will also be an interesting page on your track record.

Australia has a highly developed industry and production sphere. It has a highly modernized field of farming, gardening and agriculture. This country uses all the modern IT technologies. Such a developed state has a lot of industrial plants and companies which are occupied with trading and production. There are old and respectable corporations as well as startup companies. Most of them are concentrated in such cities as Montreal, Sydney and Melbourne. Having such a broad field of business the country feels shortage of qualified specialists. It opens new opportunities for young graduates as well as for experienced people who are eager to get new chances and advance on the career ladder. If you are ready to cope with the peculiar climate and to live far from Europe you may move to Australia and turn a new leaf of your life.