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Economists call Melbourne one of the most favorable cities for living for several reasons.

1. The cost of living here is relatively low, especially compared to Sydney.

2. The level of unemployment here is not so high, so specialists of various spheres can build a career in this city.

3. The industry, economy and production are highly developed in Melbourne, so almost any person can find a job here.

4. The level of crime is rather low. It makes the huge city of Melbourne a safe place for living.

Melbourne is a highly advanced city which has a lot os companies specializing in:

  • manufacturing;
  • automobile and plane building;
  • food processing;
  • pharmaceutics;
  • finance and banking;
  • tourism and accommodation;
  • trading;
  • IT technologies.

  • So, there are thousands of immigrants from Europe and Asia who move to Melbourne. If you know English and have a wish to start a new live, do have a try!