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Startups and Tech in Toronto

Toronto is a city where there are chances to find a job for specialists in such fields as:

  • IT;
  • banking;
  • commerce;
  • trade;
  • finance;
  • brokerage.

  • This city is the Canadian Centre of business, banking and commerce. There are thousands of large and minor enterprises connected with these kinds of activities.

    It also welcomes people able to work in such spheres as:

  • telecommunication;
  • film industry;
  • hotel business and accommodation;
  • manufacturing;
  • machine building.

  • Toronto is favorable for moving working power for certain reasons.

    1. The rate of unemployment is relatively low.

    2. The rate of living is rather high, even in comparison to European cities.

    3. The number of crimes is rather low, so the city is considered to be the safest one in the country.

    Thus, having a wish to change the place of living and build a career any person can move to Toronto and enjoy the opportunities.