Machine Learning Lead Engineer – Billion Dollar Startup

You will join a Billion Dollar Pre IPO Startup!


4-12 Years of Experience


Bachelors or Master’s degree in Computer science or related field
A strong grounding in Data structures and algorithms, Database concepts
Good oral and written communication skills, analytical and problem-solving skills
Hands-on programming experience in JVM languages and Python
Experience in building scalable, high-performance, low latency systems
Foundation in basic math concepts
Background in big data tech, streaming applications
Prior experience in building and deploying ML systems
Familiarity with Machine learning algorithms
Ability to design ML systems end-to-end; this includes big-data handling, pre-processing, model generation logic, model persistence including choice of online data stores, etc., systems for consuming active feedback (online learning), web services to publish model predictions to consumers.


Deliver scalable, low latency, and high-performance ML solutions for different products
Build ML pipelines end-to-end, including stages such as data pre-processing, model generation, cross-validation, and active feedback
Build efficient systems for processing large amounts of data; be proficient with distributed programming frameworks such as Hadoop/Spark
Drive solutions and implementation leveraging different open source libraries and distributed systems
Work closely with Data Scientists and come up with scalable system and model architectures for enabling real-time ML/AI services
Liaise with architects and engineers from other product teams to build solutions and drive adoption
Elicit quality attributes of the system and define metrics to establish its success.

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