Senior Frontend Developer

Imagine yourself coming to work every day knowing that your passion for building an amazing product is seen and understood - by more than 2 and a half million users. Being welcomed to a hip, green office, by a happy and international bunch. Having immediate impact for travelers around the world, at every step of the way.

Your challenge

You come as the second frontend developer in the team, joining forces on an equal level with fun and friendly Paco, to bring to life the features that our travelers want. You can enable them to enrich and share their experiences with their friends and communities. Right now, Paco does this in React. He started gradually migrating the app from Angular to React in 2019 - and he is almost done!

The UI and UX are anything but traditional and your take on it will define the architecture of a scalable yet complex web app. If you ask Paco, he will tell you that there is always a challenge to be solved, always something new being built. Other cool things you two will work on are the internal real-time dashboards and parts of the app like the editor for travel books - one of our hottest features. Testing is important too, currently with Jest and Puppeteer and end-to-end for critical paths.

Done is better than perfect? Nope, that’s not us.

Koen (the CEO) makes it a priority every Monday morning to read the reviews of our users. We pair these insights with what people do inside the app and the strong vision Polarsteps is based upon, to determine our roadmap and which features to implement next. All crafted to the smallest of details.

*What is in it for me? *

Here is what we have ready for you:

  • Our very own Teleporter™ - a yearly free flight to a mystery location chosen from all of our users’ steps.
  • Yummy daily lunch
  • Commuting reimbursement
  • A welcoming relocation package
  • Stock options
  • A truly international and inclusive team to belong to
  • The annual disco bowling competition (and plenty of other social events)
  • Hyper central office in Amsterdam
  • 28 days of vacation

Does the following sound like you?

I am a curious and open-minded senior frontend developer, with an appetite for** immediate impact** on the customer. I am confident with my experience at the forefront of beautiful and complex web apps and ready to leave my mark onto the architecture of Polarsteps. I care a lot about automated testing- not as much for quantitative coverage as for qualitative coverage.

I am dedicated to delivering quality, you might even say I believe in perfection - in the sense of value for the users. I enjoy having the room to decide the perfect balance between architectural quality and development time for the next feature I will build. Together with my team, I like to put thought into rapid prototyping, combining clickable demos with live data. From there, I pour my passion into the end result.

About the framework: Paco uses React, but he is open to other frameworks like Vue as well. What is most important for us is skill: your architectural knowledge and general software engineering skills.

You get extra cookies for exploring new ECMAScript features, playing with Redux for containerization and Webpack as module bundler.

Tech stack

It surely is important for you to know the tech stack we work with and we are definitely transparent about it. Think of what you can do with it and know there is room to implement new tech if it is going to help us as we scale:

  • React in the frontend
  • Python (Flask) in the backend/API
  • CloudFront + Lambda@Edge for caching
  • Hosting in Heroku
  • Amazon S3 for media storage
  • Fully native iOS and Android
  • Single-command build and deploy tasks for production and staging
  • Automated testing: Puppeteer (web), XCTest (iOS), UI Automator (Android)

Before you make up your mind, here is a bit more about us

To inspire and connect people through travel - this is our vision. Because of how we executed on it, in the last 4 years we have welcomed over 2.5 million users, who came exclusively from organic growth - and they added millions of steps in 180+ countries.

Our app was featured two times at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference in both 2017 and 2018 and Google created this amazing clip about us. Our adventure has only just begun!

This is a diversity statement

Come as you are. The Polarsteps workplace is inclusive of all nationalities, races and genders. We feel comfortable to bring our authentic whole selves to work and want to make it comfortable for other people like you to do so too.

*Made it to the end… *

Still picturing yourself in your favorite travel destinations with your own Teleporter? You like what you read, but you want to see more of it before deciding to move forward. Don’t worry, I understand, this is why I am here: I am Laura, a kind and inclusive recruiter. I am happy when I help you overcome any hurdles that pop up along the way, before and during the recruitment process.

Give this opportunity a spin, come know us better :-).

Start by applying directly or by emailing me at Or you can even WhatsApp me at +31658950132 (WhatsApp only). The choice is yours ;-)

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