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Startups and Tech in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is historically considered to be a most welcoming city for immigrants in the world. During World War II a great flow of refugees and immigrants filled the city. A big part of them settled down, found work, established and developed their businesses there. Due to it Amsterdam has become a beautiful place with modernized, advanced and democratic economy which is based on:

  • commerce;
  • banking;
  • trade;
  • retail;
  • hospitality services.

  • In all these sphere is it is quite possible to find an occupation or establish a startup. In Amsterdam there are many foreign companies which are flourishing due to:

  • democratic taxes;
  • loyal rules;
  • reasonable laws.

  • Thus, if you are full of ideas and enthusiasm you may settle down in Amsterdam and contribute to its blossom with your investments or just your work and new ideas. Moreover, for any immigrant there are courses of the Dutch language provided by the government free of charge.