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Singapore is a powerful state with a highly-developed infrastructure and a most civilized society in the world. It encourages tourists, immigrants and temporary workers to come and dwell here for certain reasons.

1. The rate of birth here is relatively low, thus, immigrants are welcome because due to them the state has an increase of population.

2. The economy is based on democratic rules. It is waiting for foreign working force as it makes a considerable contribution to its advance.

In this city-state there are a lot of foreign firms who establish their headquarters and send their representatives here. Among them are well-known banks, automobile companies and trade firms.

The rate of unemployment in the city is relatively low. The government takes care of the:

  • welfare of the citizens;
  • medical services;
  • ecology, including the quality of drinking water.

  • Thus, this state is a favorite destination of foreign tourists and immigrants and it can become your second motherland.