Operations Intern

Do you want to help build a technology that enables autonomous cars, aircraft navigation, and even makes energy cheaper?
At Atomionics, we are building a sensing technology which performs 1000x better than the current state-of-the-art technology, and it does so without requiring any external signal. We do this by harnessing the potential of the wave-nature of atoms using atom Interferometry.

With this interferometer we can pinpoint mineral and hydrocarbon reserves, produce an exponentially better GPS system, and make drift free navigation systems for aircrafts and underwater vehicles.

GPS infrastructure and technology are only built by nations, but what if we could together build an exponentially better navigation and positioning system and redefine sensing technology in the process? Building this interferometer has the chance to literally redefine the trajectory of technology and create a dent in the Universe (and measure the dent as well).

Atomionics is an early-stage fast growing startup based in Singapore, supported by CQT’s Alumni Industry Programme and NUS Enterprise, along with some of the best investors and business partners.


Work closely with the CEO to source the best physicists and engineers to further build the Atomionics team and uphold the culture and values through onboarding
Work in collaboration with physicists and engineers to establish and manage a supply chain for our state of the art quantum gravimeter
Take charge of procurement and support the team with best practices in Inventory management
Manage relationships and budget with vendors

About you:

An absolutely driven individual with creative problem solving skills and persistence, ideally, demonstrated

Even better if you have:

Worked in a hardware-focused work environment
Managed university teams and groups in any domain
We don’t care for degrees, but if you have studied operations research, optimisation, statistics, or organisational psychology, that’ll be delightful

What can we offer you:

A chance to learn about the intricacies of deep tech research, product development, and strategy in a high-growth startup at the same time work with some of the best engineers and physicists
Learn how to manage a complex supply chain and intricacies of hiring the best folks
A book/hobby project allowance to help you grow and collectively build the Atomionics library
Board games and curry night

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