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Startups and Tech in London

This world-famous capital can satisfy all the ambitions of the highest-qualified specialists in all the fields of contemporary science, technology or economy. London is the center of:

  • commerce;
  • banking;
  • machine-building;
  • IT;
  • manufacture;
  • hospitality business;
  • tourism;
  • service;
  • education and what not.

  • There can be vacancies for those who would like to settle down in the city and opportunities for those who want to start up a business.

    One should bear in mind that London, like all the other huge cities, has a range of disadvantages.

    1. The property prices and the cost of living are high.

    2. There are traffic jams.

    3. The competition among the specialists is considerable.

    Thus, to move to London one can have a decent sum of money to settle down safely or to have a ready agreement with a company which can guarantee a good salary.