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Startups and Tech in Philadelphia

To move to Philadelphia and start a career here is a productive idea only for those who are ready to overcome the difficulties connected with:

  • a high level of unemployment;
  • a high cost of living;
  • competition in search for working places.

  • Generally, Philadelphia gives good opportunities for specialists in the sectors of:

  • banking;
  • tourism;
  • restaurant business;
  • IT;
  • accommodation business;
  • real estate;
  • manufacturing of consumer goods, including food, beverages, clothes, cosmetics;
  • trade;
  • oil processing and many other ones.

  • Moreover, the city gives a chance to young people to prepare in professional sphere. There are a lot of professional educational institutions:

  • Chestnut Hill College;
  • The Art Institute of Philadelphia;
  • University of the Sciences and so on.

  • So, if you are eager to change your life – you are welcome to Philadelphia.